Quality You Can Expect and See

Holder's Quality Fencing, Metal Works, and Excavation have provided quality work in Northern Oklahoma for 10 years.  We continue to grow our business to meet the ongoing needs of our communities.  Providing fencing began our company, but as we grow to building metal buildings and excavation, we continue our finest work, quality care of our customer.

An Affordable Price

Having the right equipment at the right time and price is important.  We aren't in a hurry to do a job poorly, but provide the right service  at the right price so you as a customer take pride in what we do for you.  We are committed to quality and a price that fits the budget of your project.

Our Metal Works builds the finest exterior buildings for commercial or residential properties.  If you are looking for storage on your property, or a place to keep your tools or toys, we can provide you with a place to be proud of.



Quality Fencing

Quality Fencing in Ponca City 

Our Services:

Holder Quality Fencing

Our excavation unit is a up and coming part of the services we provide.  We are providing services with a backhoe to

  • Commercial Fencing
  • Residential Fencing
  • Exterior Buildings
  • Excavation

Holder's Quality Fencing delivers on a promise to provide residential or commercial fencing with quality craftsmanship, a quality price, using quality materials.

Quality Fencing in Ponca City, Fencing, Excavation, and Metal Building Construction, Holder's Quality Fencing in Ponca City